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  • Pregnancy Trauma (Nausea, Anxiety, Fear, Overwhelm, Insecurity)

  • Birth Trauma (Medical Interventions, Epidural, C-Section, Inductions, Episiotomies, Premature Birth, Separation of Mother and Child or any other unplanned birth event that upon recall brings up undesired emotion)

  • Postpartum Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Rage)

  • Miscarriage Trauma (Guilt, Depression, Grief)

  • Abortion Trauma (Guilt, Depression, Grief)

  • Fertility Challenges (Despair, Inadequacy, Frustration, Grief, Fear)

  • Sexual Abuse (Shame, Guilt, Worthlessness)

  • Domestic Violence Abuse (Anger, Despair, Helplessness, Betrayal)

The journey towards motherhood is unpredictable and vulnerable. It is an initiation with potential to transform our lives forever. Yet, pregnancy and birth can unfold in ways beyond our control leaving us to experience trauma and negative residual emotion. Even experiences before pregnancy can haunt the psyche affecting the way we birth. Memories can have the power to adversely affect our daily lives including bonds with the people we most love. As a somatic practitioner who specializes in birth and sexual trauma, I can assist in releasing the imprint of a traumatic sexual/reproductive event which in turn can heal your life.

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